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Located in the heart of the Carolinas, Sound Integrity provides impeccable event and music production services from a crowd size of 10 to 5000 event attendees. With roots evolving from a love of music, Sound Integrity has a mission to help share the gift of performance to individuals in both North and South Carolina. From the lighting, sound, and special effects, every detail matters, and Sound Integrity ensures the stage is set for every performer.

what we do

From intimate small gatherings and concerts, speaking engagements, weddings to outdoor concerts and events, Sound Integrity provides sound reinforcement, stage lighting, special effects, and stage management.

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Our locally owned event production team works with event management teams, concert producers and organizers, wedding planners, and those on a mission to deliver an exceptional audio and visual experience.

Creating a visual and audio experience while never being seen is our goal.

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meet the owner
Bryon Scott, Owner/President

Bryon start doing sound work in High School setting up and operating the schools portable sound system in the 80’s. In addition, for three years he was the sound and light tech for the high school productions and well as the technician for a local summer play troop.

While in college, Bryon kept up the side working for a local sound company in Evansville, Indiana. This work included operating the sound system at Robert’s Stadium for non-concert events, as well as local festivals and Thunder on the Ohio.

After college Bryon would do additional gig work and operate church sound systems as he moved through his corporate career. In the late 90s and early 2000s Bryon worked as the audio engineer for a local cover band in the Salt Lake area called Puddlestone. The band ended up performing twice for the Salt Lake Olympic Committee.

In 2007 Bryon moved to the Charlotte region. In 2008 Bryon started as one of the house technicians at Fulwood Theater in Matthews, NC, a position that he still holds.

During this same period Bryon formed Sound Integrity, LLC and started acquiring equipment and working both public and private events in the area. In March of 2020, Bryon formed Sound Integrity, Inc. which acquired Sound Integrity, LLC and Lorac Productions.

While Bryon is a capable audio and lighting engineer, he is choosing to use his business and management skills to run a high-quality show and enlisting several highly qualified audio and lighting engineers for the best shows possible.
Bryon works with the philosophy is that the audience should walk away talking about the performers, not the production company.

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